Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ek - The Power of One

Nandu is an orphan. At a very young age, he knew and saw the hard realities of life and had but no choice to learn the guerilla antics of survival in the concrete jungle called Mumbai. Entering the world of crime was the only path available to him and he had done it almost relentlessly. He turned into an assassin he had murdered his first victim at a tender age of 9.

Nandu found his family, his friendship all in one person, his aid Shekhar. Nandu grew up to be a cold-blooded assassin and Shekhar the getaway specialist. Together they bonded and had deep sense of understanding, they were each other's best comrade's.

The opposition leader Anna Mhatre hires Nandu for a unique job. He wants Nandu to make an assassination attempt on him while he is addressing a rally for his election campaign, and Mhatre's motive is to create a sympathetic wave so as to tide over the elections into an overwhelming victory.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karma And Holi

A story about human relationships, it is about a truth which turns the world of the people in it, upside down in a moment.

Meet Meera & Dev. They play the on-screen Couple living in New York. After a few years of marriage and togetherness, they seem to have lost the magic in their relationship.

There is loneliness, confusion, compromise and sex. It is the eve of Holi, a festival that heralds the coming of spring in India. Dev and Meera plan a get-together with a few close friends and relatives at their place.

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