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Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Wallpapers Photos

Exclusive Once Upon a Time in Mumbai wallpapers The movie is releasing on 30th July 2010.

Emraan Parachi in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Kangana Ranaut in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Ajay Devgn in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai synopsis plot

Salty And Sultry Angelina Jolie in SALT

The action thriller SALT is directed by Phillip Noyce and written by Kurt Wimmer and Brian Helgeland. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Live Schreiber and others forms the rest of the star cast.

Salt synopsis plot: After the hugely praised 'Tomb Raider' and its sequel, action queen Anjelina Jolie is back with yet another action thriller called 'Salt'. This time she plays a CIA agent in this high voltage action drama.

Jolie plays Evelyn Salt a CIA officer, who is accused of being a Russian spy by her detractors. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives Initially Tom Cruise was approached to play the lead, but he was unable to commit to the role because Tom felt the role is much similar to his role in 'Mission Impossible'. He refused to act citing reasons that he is busy with other projects. After the refusal, the script was rewritten for Jolie.

Salt Wallpapers photos:

Salt Wallpapers photos

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SALT Namak Jolie Ka

Salt please(s)!

Tere Bin Laden - Must Watch

Tere Bin Laden synopsis plot: Osama Bin Laden is one man whom the United States of America is looking forward to capture at what ever the cost is, but the dreaded terrorist is nowhere to be seen or heard. But 'Tere Bin Laden marks the debut of worlds number one terrorist on screen. No this is not the real terrorist but a story of a look alike of none other than Osama Bin Laden himself. 'Tere Bin Laden tells the story of an ambitious reporter from Pakistan who is desperate to pursue his dreams in USA. Somehow, his VISA gets rejected and his dream of pursuing a career in USA is shattered.

Pakistans 'Prince of Pop Ali Zafar makes his debut through this film as Ali. Ali Zafar apart from playing a lead role has also sung two songs composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Barry John, Chinmay Mandelkar, Chirag Vohra, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Piyush Mishra forms the rest of the star cast and the film has been directed by Abhishek Sharma. The director himself has penned the screenplay and dialogues for the film.

Tere Bin Laden Photos Wallpapers:

Tere Bin Laden Photos Wallpapers

Tere Bin Laden Photos Wallpapers

10 Reasons Why You Must Watch Tere Bin Laden

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Hot and Happening Bollywood - 12 Wigs for Rs 20 Lakhs!

Ekta gets a Mandakini look-alike

A film inspired by the controversial life of the dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim, would undoubtedly be incomplete without a reference to the actress Mandakini (who was allegedly involved with Dawood).

Obviously, Ekta Kapoor couldn’t have convinced the actress to make an appearance in her film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Also, Mandakini has preferred to stay indoors for a long time, apart from occasionally surfacing to sing and act in her own music video.

Ekta gets a Mandakini look-alike

Amy Kingston and Emraan Hashmi in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai
So producer Ekta Kapoor and director Milan Luthria decided to get Mandakini’s look-alike, an actress of Australian origin called Amy Kingston, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mandakini.


Many changes in store for KBC 4

Season four of Kaun Banega Crorepati is going to be much snappier that the earlier editions with several changes set to be incorporated into the format. Even the way the show’s superstar-anchor Amitabh Bachchan conducts himself will be zara hat ke.

Many changes in store for KBC 4

Confirms a very reliable source from the KBC crew, “KBC has been tweaked quite a lot. It’s going to be faster. The number of questions has been reduced to 12 from 15. And now there is a timer for the first 7 - 30 seconds to answer or the clock stops you. There are some innovative options for phoning a friend for help.


12 wigs for Rs 20 lakhs!

Playing a role that is inspired by the legendary actress Madhubala in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, is surely keeping Kangna Ranaut in high spirits.

12 wigs for Rs 20 lakhs

And the fact that she gets to sport as many as 12 hairdos in the film can only add to her glee. Or shall we say glue... because these hairdos are actually 12 different wigs. And a whopping 20 lakhs were spent on all these wigs to create 12 looks for Kangna.

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Sonam Kapoor starer Aisha Wallpapers Photos, Music Review

Aisha Wallpapers Photos

Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol in Aisha

Sonam Kapoor in Aisha title=

Sonam Kapoor in Aisha still

Aisha movie photos

Abhay Deol in Aisha

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Music Review: Peepli Live Rocks!

If Aamir Khan Productions is spear-heading a project, chances are, you will hear about it, no matter how unpalatable it looks at first glance for not feeding into your escapist multiplex dreams.

Music Review: Peepli Live Rocks!

Double that chance of you having a good time – listen to this soundtrack, it just might put you in favour of putting your money into good cinema.

Indian Ocean open up the live act with ‘Desh Mera Rangrez Ye Baabu’ which mixes its Baul elements with rustic charm to chorus-line this poor man’s anthem about his village view of the world. The band peppers the track with their ‘pa pi pa’ and ‘dhoom pichak’ banter almost setting the song into chatter, so please pay attention to the playful lyrics by Sanjeev Sharma and Swanand Kirkire, the highlight of this puppet song.

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Bollywood Gossip: Aamir Khan - Mera time accha chal raha hai...

Kalki to be replaced in new ad

After Kalki Koechlin’s titillating performance with Imran Khan in the last cola ad, which was directed by Dibakar Banerjee, an unknown model called Marcella has been brought in. Marcella will act with Imran in the sequel ad.

Kalki Koechlin to be replaced in new ad

Says a source, “In the first one, Kalki gave Imran tit for tat. After that, it was decided that the girls selected to do the ads with Imran would be ordinary, everyday types.”


30 yrs Re's junior struggles to stay fit

Talking of Bollywood’s pintucked divas and their shapely figures, here’s an actress who has managed to stick to her dimensions, despite pigging out on junk food. Priyanka Chopra calls herself a foodie and for good reason because she rarely resists good food. Calories be damned!

Priyanka Chopra - 30 yrs Res junior struggle

Even Priyanka’s illness and hospitalisation couldn’t dampen her spirits. “I don’t have the tendency to put on weight at this age. I do not diet. I love eating. I eat anything at any time. I never compromise when it comes to eating but I make sure I include a lot of greens in my diet,” Priyanka had said a few years ago. Fair enough. Human metabolism may have undergone evolutionary changes in Priyanka’s case. But now the actress has to be careful.


Aamir Khan - Mera time accha chal raha hai

Though an hour late for the interview, Aamir seems optimistic about this discussion. He enters his office with a smile, apologises and makes himself comfortable on the couch for the interview.

Aamir Khan - Mera time accha chal raha hai


• People know you to be inapproachable, but Anusha Rizvi sent you one mail and you agreed to make a film?

(Laughs). I don’t know why people have this misconception. I was shooting for Mangal Pandey - The Rising when I got this mail. Anusha had written about a script called The Falling. At first I thought she was making fun of me because I was working on The Rising. But later, she mailed me one line that I loved. I met her when I was in Delhi shooting for Rang de Basanti. She narrated the script of Peepli Live and I loved it.

• People say that you have a winning formula for every film you touch?

Frankly, I don’t have an answer for this. Mera time accha chal raha hai isliye meri filmein chal rahi hai. I just do what I feel like doing at that point of time. I happened to read Anusha’s script and I made Peepli Live. There might be 20 other scripts lying here but I have not read them. I made these films the way I wanted to because they appeal to my sensibilities. I deal with every film differently, there might films I want to direct and not act in, ones that I want to produce. It all depends on what appeals to me.

• Apparently, you convinced Raghuveer Yadav to promote the film despite him being in the midst of a personal life crisis?

This is not true. Raghuji will be at the music release of the film. I will not comment on his personal life.

• Are there issues between Anusha Rizvi and you?