Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kal Kissne Dekha

Nihal Singh is a simple boy from Chandigarh. He talks too much, questions everything and builds complicated gadgets in this spare time. He has a brilliant mind but has a secret with him.. He adores his mother & has dreams to study in the most elite institute of science.

When he is in college, he is ragged by his seniors, insulted by the girl he likes and so on. Nihal however slowly wins them over. Nihal likes Meesha but she is proud, rude and cannot accept that Nihal is able to charm everyone.

One day...Nihal gets visions of Meesha being in danger. He saves her life and his secret is revealed. The media and TV channels are all buzzing with only one news; Nihal Singh from Chandigarh can see the future.

Meesha develops a liking towards Nihal & love is all in the air. His gift to foresee future is been misused. Will Nihal's brilliant mind recognise this?

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