Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ishqiya Storyline, Wallpapers, & Reviews

Ishqiya Storyline Synopsis: Two thieves, Khalujan (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban (Arshad Warsi), feeling frustrated with the lives they are leading under their ruthless ganglord Mushtaq (Salman Shahid), they steal the sum of 25 lakhs from him to flee to their home and not remain slaves to the system they are working under. On being caught by Mushtaq they manage a narrow escape right under his nose along with the money, thus bruising his ego greatly.Being on the run for their lives, they seek refuge with an old friend, and instead meet his widow, Krishna (Vidya Balan). She leads a dull and lonely life of a widow. With the coming of Khalujan and Babban there is new energy and enthusiasm that enters her life. Krishna's youthfulness and serenity starts to flower again.

Khalujan builds a deep amount of respect and love for her, to which she responds in a positive manner. Babban on the other hand eyes her with lust. There is a breath of fresh air in the lives of the three as in each other they find a vent to forget the past and find joy in every moment.

Ishqiya Photos Wallpapers:
Ishqiya Photos Wallpapers

Ishqiya Photos Wallpapers

Ishqiya Photos Wallpapers

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Ishqiya Reviews: i think ishqiya will do good

i like to see isqiyaa

Definitely...Ishqiya first...Vishal bhardwaj's direction....

i m dying to see Ishqiya .......

ISHQ KIYA .... will rock

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Rann Storyline Synopsis, Reviews...

Rann Synopsis Storyline: Vijay Harshvardhan Malik (Amitabh Bachchan) has over years been the embodiment of trust, honesty, ethics and responsibility to the entire nation. India's first private news channel, founded by Vijay, is the temple of 'true' journalism. He believes that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts!

Pitted against him in the battle for corporate supremacy is Amrish Kakkar (Mohnish Bahl), a former employee at Vijay's channel. Amrish has, in a way, 'revolutionized' the business of delivering news. For Amrish, the media is a vehicle that he rides upon and maneuvers to deliver baseless entertainment. His channel is ruling in terms of viewership numbers.

Vijay is aware of his battle with Amrish's channel, but what hits Vijay is something he wasn't prepared for Jay Malik (Sudeep), Vijay's son and CEO, is desperately seeking a way to resuscitate his channel and get it back to the top slot. Jay is a go-getter who looks at his father's channel as an enterprise that must make profits. He cannot digest his rival's channel racing ahead and is set to hatch a major plan that would catapult his channel to the top.

Rann Wallpapers Photos: Rann Photos Wallpapers

Rann Photos Wallpapers

Rann Photos Wallpapers

Rann Reviews seems quite interesting, gona watch this movie

gr8 expectation from rvg..
i gona watch this movie..

will watch rann...for sure

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Road to Sangam Storyline, Reviews

Road to Sangam synopsis: Hashmat Ullah (Paresh Rawal) is a God fearing Muslim mechanic. One day, he is asked to repair an old engine, which once carried the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi before it was immersed in the holy river 'Sangam'. Soon, a powerful bomb explosion rocks his town leading to the arrest of innocent Muslim youths of his locality.

Om Puri and Pavan Mallhotra play Muslim leaders who protest against the injustice of the police. What will Hashmat do? Will he abandon the repair of the engine and support the protest or antagonise his community? The film is a journey through Gandhian values and principles.

Road to Sangam Photos wallpapers:
Road to Sangam Photos wallpapers

Road to Sangam Photos wallpapers

Road to Sangam Photos wallpapers

Road to Sangam Reviews:

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Name is Khan Storyline, Release Date

My Name is Khan Storyline Synopsis : Based on a true story of LA couple, it centers around discrimination faced by the Muslims in the US post 9/11. Suffering form Asperger syndrome, a form of autism that impacts social interaction abilities, Rizwan Khan grows up in Mumbai and then moves to San Francisco to move in with his brother and sister-in-law. There he meets and falls in love with Mandira, a single mother. They both get married despite protests from the family. However, their life changes dramatically with the September 11, 2001 and they split from each other.

Due to the effect of this syndrome, his behavior comes under the scanner of the US authorities as suspicious and leads to his arrest.

During this period Radha, a therapist, heals him and helps him deal with events in his life. After recovering, Rizwan decides to set out to meet the President and to clear his name and bring back the love of his life. Starring Shah Rukh Khan SRK and Kajol in the lead roles, the movies star cast also includes Jimmy Shergil, Zarina Wahab, Sonya Jehan and Arif Zakaria in supporting roles.

My Name is Khan release date February 12 2010

My Name is Khan Photos Wallpapers

My Name is Khan photos

My Name is Khan photos

My Name is Khan photos

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Leap Year Storyline, Wallpapers, Reviews

Leap Year Storyline : This romantic comedy trails the journey of a young woman, Anna, in her pursuit of getting married to her Mr. Perfect decides to propose to her boyfriend of four years. To this end, she stumbles upon an Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on February 29th, leap day. However, she is unaware of the series of events that are about to unfold.

When bad weather jeopardizes her plans, she decided to seek help of a handsome innkeeper, Declan, to help her reach her destination. During this cross country expedition they realize that this journey has led them to unanticipated events.

Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, the film is directed by Shopgirl's Anand Tucker.

Leap Year User Reviews : The incredible Amy Adams has given a spellbinding performance though the movie plot does not impress the audience much.

Forgettable all around.

With her gorgeous red hair and delicate facial features, Amy Adams dances brilliantly on a spiraling comic tightrope.

Leap Year is a sweet little movie, although so by the books that it doesn't exactly distinguish itself.

Leap Year Show times :
Show times not available for the movie currently

Leap Year Photos : Leap Year Photos wallpapers

Leap Year Photos wallpapers

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Namo Venkatesha Photos Wallpapers

Namo Venkatesha Storyline: Venkatesh and Trisha pair up in the lead in 'Namo Venkatesa', a romantic entertainer directed by Sreenu Vaitla. The cast includes Brahmandam, Ali, Banerjee, Mukesh Rishi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Pragathy and Surekha Vani. Devi Sri Prasad scores the music.

Namo Venkatesha Wallpapers: Namo Venkatesha Photos Wallpapers

Namo Venkatesha Photos Wallpapers

Namo Venkatesha Photos Wallpapers

Namo Venkatesha Show times in Hyderabad: INOX Hyderabad Phone: 4476 7770 is running four shows in a day namely at 10:30 A.M., 1:30P.M., 7:10P.M., 10:20A.M.

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Chance Pe Dance Storyline Wallpapers...

Chance Pe Dance Storyline: Chance Pe Dance tells the story of the struggles of upcoming actor Sameer. Talented and passionate, Sameer meets Tina, a choreographer, during his days of thankless toil. To tide over his financial crunch, Sameer has to live in his car and has to teach dance to kids, whom he hates with all his being.

As time goes on, he finds it easy to bond with kids and with the help of Tina, he gets them to win a major dance competition. Eventually, he becomes a superstar and his first break comes through a reality show.

Chance Pe Dance Photos: Chance Pe Dance Photos wallpapers

Chance Pe Dance photos wallpapers

Chance Pe Dance Reviews: movie is good..
specially if u love dancing..
bit slow in the start otherwise 2nd half is fabulous..

This is not the fresh story but the direction is good, "Fahid kapoor" and jene looks cool.The main thing i liked the dance of "Fahid" after a long time i saw his fabulus dance,He is the next Hritwik Roshan..

it is the movie of dance

Chance Pe Dance Show times in Kolkata: Inox City Centre Phone: 033 23584499, INOX Forum Phone: 033-23584499, INOX Kolkata - Swabhumi Phone: 033 2320 8900, INOX, Rajarhat ADDRESS: 3rd Floor, City Centre New Town Mall, etc are showing this movie in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dulha Mil Gaya Reviews Ratings

Dulha Mil Gaya Storyline : Viveck Vaswanis Dulha Mil Gaya marks the return of the hit pair, Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen, after a gap of five years. They were last seen together in Main Hoon Na. The film has extensively been shot in Trinidad and Tobago.

The comedy is directed by Mudassar Aziz (Sushmita's latest Boyfriend!). Fardeen Khan and Tara Sharma play important roles in the film. SRK does a 50 mins guest cameo!!!

Dulha Mil Gaya Photos: Dulha Mil Gaya Photos

Dulha Mil Gaya Showtimes: Pvr Cinema Hall Hyderabad Central MallPhone: 66621115, 66621116, FUN Hyderabad, Talkie Town, INOX Hyderabad Phone: 4476 7770

Dulha Mil Gaya Review Ratings : Great Movie
yaar dulha kahan mila
i want see movie can i spent 3 hours for this movie

Awesome Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Reviews : Sherlock Holmes has ensured that 2010 kicks off on a great note as far as visiting the cinema is concerned. The ageless sleuth gets a mega make-over from Guy Ritchie and would, no doubt, embark on a new journey kind courtesy Robert Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson save a hapless woman from being sacrificed by Lord Blackwood to appease the dark lords. The case comes to an end much to the relief of Londoners who heave a sigh of relief but closing the case means more than anything for Holmes.

Watson, the trusted partner, has decided to give crime solving days to settle down and unable to take this Holmes confines himself to the emptiness of his house.

Torn apart between his friend and fiancée, Watson finally gets the two to meet but regrets the decision immediately. Holmes needs a case to maintain his sanity and is shaken out of his reverie when an imprisoned Blackwood expresses a desire to meet him.

Blackwood warns him of grave things that are about to descend. A man of scientific reason, Holmes makes nothing of this threat until Blackwood mysteriously returns from the dead and starts putting his nefarious plan into motion.

Parallel to Blackwood Holmes is pursued by Irene Adler, the femme fatal who has foxed Holmes far too many times. She wants him to retrieve a contraption commissioned by Blackwood for a very powerful and mysterious client.

Sherlock Holmes Show times in Hyderabad : Pvr Cinema Hall Hyderabad Central Mall Phone: 66621115, 66621116, INOX Hyderabad Phone: 4476 7770

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pyaar Impossible Storyline, Reviews...

Pyaar Impossible Storyline: In Ankert University, California, Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) is the name of that dream everyone wished came true. The most beautiful girl on campus, she makes hearts flutter like leaves in the wind. A snap of her fingers and a line of boys, waiting on her every whim. Everybody Loves Alisha! It is no surprise then that Abhay (Uday Chopra) loves her too. More than his computer programs and MAC stores he thinks of Alisha. Who is Abhay? Abhay is a nerdy, awkward, socially challenged, bespectacled geek of the college who is so far removed from her world that she doesn't even know that people like him actually exist. This is a love story of impossible proportions, how can a man like Abhay ever hope to be with a woman like Alisha, and therein lies the story

Pyaar Impossible Reviews: wow great movie i like priyanka acting
it is best romantic film . in it priyanka chopra and uday chopra are best i give 4 stars

Pyaar Impossible Photos: Pyaar Impossible photos

Pyaar Impossible Trailers : Enjoy Pyaar Impossible trailers!

Pyaar Impossible Show times : The following multiplexes and cinemas are showing Pyaar Impossible in Bangalore: Fun Cinemas Phone: 080 41475733, Inox Phone: 080 - 4112 8888, Navarang Theatre Phone: +918023324186, INOX Bangalore - Jayanagar Phone: 080-4112 8888.