Friday, April 30, 2010

Akshay Kumar's Movie Housefull Releasing Today...

Housefull Movie Synopsis Storyline: 'Housefull' is a romantic comedy movie directed by Sajid khan is a story of Aarush - so called as the world's unluckiest man. Being accompanied by misfortune he believes his bad luck can only vanish if he finds true love. In this quest for true love, one lie leads to another and different people from different walks of life come together adding even more confusion to this hilarious comedy.

Housefull Movie Review: Movie ka naam housefull rakhne se kya woh HOUSEFULL jayegi....? kya iss HOUSEFULL KA HOUSEFULL HOGA JANNEIGE HUM LOG ISS BREAK KE BAAD?

Hindi Movie Housefull Show times in Houston: Bollywood 6 FunAsia in South Houston,US is running 3 shows in a day.

Housefull Movie Wallpapers Photos:

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tamil Movie Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi in Chennai

Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi Movie Synopsis: Shankar is always known for his big budget, high voltage dramas. But when it comes to production Shankar always believes in substance backed low budget films. This time also Shankar is back with what he believes in. Shankar's home production S Pictures is back with a new film called 'Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi'. Earlier the film was named as 'Rettaizuzhi'. But the film was later renamed as 'Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi' because the film brings two legendary directors 'Iyakunar Sigaram' K Balachander and 'Iyakunar Imayam' Bharathiraja together as not directors but as actors.

Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi Show times in Chennai: At present two shows of Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi are running at PVR Skywalk Chennai.

Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi Wallpapers Photos: Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi wallpapers

Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi movie photos

Imayamum Sigaramum Irattisuzhi movie images photos

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Chase a Typical Bollywood Movie Synopsis and Reviews

Chase Movie Synopsis: Maverick Productions Anuj Saxena who has earned himself a big name in Hindi small screen is making his debut as a hero in a new action thriller called Chase releasing tomorrow on 30 April 2010. He himself has produced the film apart from acting. Jagmohan Mundra fresh from the release of last weeks Apartment and known for films like Baawandar and Provoked has directed the film.

Though Jagmohan Mundra has directed some of the socially relevant subjects, this is the first time he has directed and action thriller.Chase is an edge of the seat thriller where Sohail Ansari a man who is accused of murder is on the run.

Chase Movie Photos:

Chase Movie Reviews: Udita........sexiest of all.
kya pair hai yaar!!!
lets see that the flim is flop or hit
opo to mudeng aku
total flop..sometimes i really think..yeh kya soch kar movie banate wastage

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sukhwinder Singh's Movie Kuch Kariye

Kuch Kariye Synopsis: Kuchh Kariye is the story of Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), a simple and honest musician in love with Alpna (Shriya), who is forced by the people of his city to leave his home town and move to Mumbai. Here he meets two other boys Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Shani (Rufy Khan) who have also come to Mumbai in search of their destiny and fortune.Together, they realise, that all of them share same passion for films. They are also an idealistic lot and want to bring a change in the society.

They believe that a positive thought can change the course of life. If one is able to rise above the personal selfish needs, one can bring a change is what they believe in. With stroke of luck, they do begin their film.

Kuch Kariye Show times: Inox Nariman Point, PVR Juhu, PVR Goregaon, PVR Phoenix are currently running this movie in Mumbai.

Kuch Kariye Photos: Sukwinder Singh movie Kuch Kariye photos wallpapers

Kuch Kariye movie

Kuch Kariye movie of singer Sukhwinder Singh

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Mammootty Movie Drona 2010 Wallpapers Photos...

Malayalam movie Drona 2010 Wallpapers

latest movies in Malayalam - Drona 2010

Drona 2010 movie in Malayalam

Drona 2010 movie images

Drona 2010 Malayalm movie scene

Drona 2010 movie

Malayalam movie Drona 2010 SynopsisDirected by Shaji Kailas, Drona 2010 stars Swetha Vijay and Mammootty in the lead. Mammootty dons a double role with Kunjunni and his elder bother, Pattazhy Madhavan. Kunjunni, an aethist, goes ahead and buys an ancestral house, Nelloore Mana in spite of all the ghost stories floating around. However, once he moves into the house he realizes that the stories were not baseless. Following this, his brother joins him to solve the mystery around the house.

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Malayalam Movie Yugapurushan Starring Mammootty....

Yugapurushan Synopsis: R Sukumarans Yugapurushan deals with the life and times of Sree Narayana Guru (1856-1928), a saint, poet and social reformer who sowed the seeds of change in the fertile land of Kerala.The film will shed light on the social movements and personalities of the time as well.

Historic personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore, Chattambi Swamikal, Kumaranasan, T.K. Madhavan, Ayyankaali and Mannathu Padmanabhan will come alive onscreen.

Yugapurushan Photos:

Yugapurushan movie stills photos

Yugapurushan movie stills

latest release Yugapurushan movie of Mammootty

Yugapurushan Reviews: this movie is goona be a land mark.. me looking forward for the film...

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