Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets Dance - Hindi Film

Lets Dance a typical Bollywood masaala movie directed by Aarif Sheikh casting Gayatri Patel, Ajai Chowdhary, Aquib Afzal, Abhaas Yadav, Anjan Srivastava, etc. Gayatri's dancing skills and dance steps in this movie are simply awesome and at a moment of time you too feel like getting up & dancing.

Lets Dance synopsis: Suhani, a passionate young dancer, dreams of being a star her entire life. Fourteen year old Aftab, a gifted dancer, has never dreamed, ever. She can see nothing beyond staring in an R.J. Music Video.

He can see nothing beyond making a life on the streets. When she sees Aftab's gang dancing on a street corner one night, she has no idea that her dreams are about to change. She's moved by the talent these street kids possess and wants the world to give them their due. But Aftab has no faith in her dreams for them. Will she be able to restore his faith in her?

Will she get them the life they deserve, but cannot even dream of?

Lets Dance Photos:

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  3. this is great. i just love dancing..

  4. i just love hindi film. i love to dance on hindi film's songs.

  5. this is great . wonderful dance performed in this movie.