Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sankat City Hindi Movie

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Sankat City produced by Anubhav Sinha & directed by debutante writer-director Pankaj Advani is one of the rare Hindi movies starring N number of actors like Kay Kay Menon, Anupam Kher, Rimi Sen, Chunkey Pandey, Dilip Prabhawalkar, Rahul Dev, Yashpal Sharma, Hemant Pandey, Jehangir Khan, Manoj Pahwa, etc with significant contribution from each of them. Its a true Bollywood movie worth watching.

The story of Sankat City is quite original, refreshening and interesting. Guru (KK Menon) is a small time car thief. Ganpat, who owns a dilapidated garage, is his partner-in-crime. Guru wacks cars and Ganpat (Dilip Prabhawalkar) gives them a make-over in order to sell them for tidy profits. One night, while returning to his kholi, Guru chances upon a swank Mercedes parked outside a brothel, unattended. He steals the car and takes it to Ganpat. While working on the car they discover a sum of Rs. 1 crore in the boot. They are delirious with joy at the unexpected turn of events and start spinning dreams.

Little do they know what lays in store - for the car and the money belongs to a vicious gangster/loan shark called Faujdaar (Anupam Kher)! Guru's plans ricochet when he tries to sell the stolen Mercedes to Suleman Supari (Rahul Dev), a hitman, who recognizes the car and notifies his friend Faujdaar. Scared for his life, Guru squeals that the moolah is in Ganpat's garage. Faujdaar sends his henchman with Guru to retrieve the cash. Unknown to them, the paranoid Ganpat has hidden the money in what he thinks is a safe place in his garage, because he's afraid that thieves might rob him off the cash.

Everyone is chasing the same money without the other one knowing. All of them are caught in an infinite loop and a falling meteor helps Rimi & KK in a positive way. Read complete Sankat City synopsis here.

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