Friday, September 4, 2009

Chintuji Reviews, Storyline Synopsis, Show times

Chintuji directed by Ranjith Kapoor and starring Rishi Kapoor, Grusha Kapoor, Kulraj Randhawa, Priyanshu Chatterjee (Tum Bin fame) and others. Its a family entertainer. An enjoyable movie made on lighter note.

Chintuji storyline : Hadbahedi, a small but beautiful village/town, is forward looking but honest. It competes for resources and recognition with a neighboring corrupt town- Triphla. Hadbahedians believe that they have been totally neglected by the state and seek an identity of their under Arun Bakshi's leadership. Things brighten when Arun discovers that Rishi/Chintu Kapoor was actually born in their village 55 years back. They send an invite to him and he accepts as he is looking at Politics to make a comeback in a big way and Hadbahedi could well be his constituency. Arun leads the people of Hadbahedi to dress up the town to welcome Chintu. Chintu arrives in Hadbahedi along with Devika Malhotra, a young, dynamic smart and intelligent executive of the PR agency hired for Rishi's political dreams. Rishi is a nuisance at Hadbahedi and treats the innocent people of Hadbahedi with contempt. Devika however is able to relate to their simplicity and love for Chintu. Matters worsen when Chintu meets with an accident which immobilizes him and forces him and Devika to stay put in Hadbahedi.

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Chintuji Reviews: I really liked it. Its funny and depicts how selfish few celebs are and how innocence wins it.

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  1. sweet story line , worth a watch , Hadbahedi looks very innovative to me !