Monday, January 18, 2010

Chance Pe Dance Storyline Wallpapers...

Chance Pe Dance Storyline: Chance Pe Dance tells the story of the struggles of upcoming actor Sameer. Talented and passionate, Sameer meets Tina, a choreographer, during his days of thankless toil. To tide over his financial crunch, Sameer has to live in his car and has to teach dance to kids, whom he hates with all his being.

As time goes on, he finds it easy to bond with kids and with the help of Tina, he gets them to win a major dance competition. Eventually, he becomes a superstar and his first break comes through a reality show.

Chance Pe Dance Photos: Chance Pe Dance Photos wallpapers

Chance Pe Dance photos wallpapers

Chance Pe Dance Reviews: movie is good..
specially if u love dancing..
bit slow in the start otherwise 2nd half is fabulous..

This is not the fresh story but the direction is good, "Fahid kapoor" and jene looks cool.The main thing i liked the dance of "Fahid" after a long time i saw his fabulus dance,He is the next Hritwik Roshan..

it is the movie of dance

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