Monday, May 24, 2010

Upcoming Hindi Movies: Mr Bhatti On Chutti

Actor-director Karan Razdan is back as a director with Mr Bhatti On Chutti film. Amitabh Bachchan plays a cameo in this film which stars Bhairavi Goswami, Shakthi Kapoor, Anjana Srivatsava and others in prominent roles.

Mr Bhatti On Chutti Synopsis: One actor who is known for versatility and different choice of characters is none other than Anupam Kher. The man who gave some serious performances in 'Saaransh and 'A Wednesday is back with an out and out comedy 'Mr Bhatti on Chutti.

Anupam Kher plays Mr. Bhatti a delusioned character in this comedy caper. The man wins a trip to the Lake District. Bhatti is under the impression that he has been called over by George W Bush for supposed peace talks. So, he visits the Lake District with a group of Indian tourists.

On his visit Mr. Bhatti is attracted to Alice an English girl. Meanwhile, Prem an eligible bachelor is also fascinated with the girl. The rest of the film is all about what the duo does to woo Alice.

Mr Bhatti On Chutti Wallpapers Photos:

Mr Bhatti On Chutti movie photos

Mr Bhatti On Chutti wallpapers

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  1. Should be interesting film, Karan Razdan has made a few controversial filnms in the past such as Girlfriend. Will look out for this one, many thanks

  2. Good is not an ordinary movie:) A lot of funny and ironic moments, a strong score 4.

  3. Good movie! it`s very orginal but i like it!

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