Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music Review: Peepli Live Rocks!

If Aamir Khan Productions is spear-heading a project, chances are, you will hear about it, no matter how unpalatable it looks at first glance for not feeding into your escapist multiplex dreams.

Music Review: Peepli Live Rocks!

Double that chance of you having a good time – listen to this soundtrack, it just might put you in favour of putting your money into good cinema.

Indian Ocean open up the live act with ‘Desh Mera Rangrez Ye Baabu’ which mixes its Baul elements with rustic charm to chorus-line this poor man’s anthem about his village view of the world. The band peppers the track with their ‘pa pi pa’ and ‘dhoom pichak’ banter almost setting the song into chatter, so please pay attention to the playful lyrics by Sanjeev Sharma and Swanand Kirkire, the highlight of this puppet song.

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