Monday, August 9, 2010

Peepli Live Synopsis, Wallpapers, Release Date

Peepli Live Synopsis Plot: An Amir Khan Production is always a thing to watch for and this time also the perfectionist is back with a new and a very different story called Peepli Live.

The film is a satire on the farmers suicides and subsequent media and political response. The film tells the story of Natha a farmer in North India. Natha is about to lose his precious land due to an unpaid Government load. He finds the remedy in the very same Government programme that aids the families of indebted farmers who have committed suicide. As a survival option, Natha has to commit suicide. This becomes instant news and everyone from the political bigwigs, bureaucrats, media men; local henchmen descend upon the village to stake their claim. Will Natha really commit suicide or wont he are the questions to be answered in the theatres.

Peepli Live Wallpapers Photos

Peepli Live poster

Natha of Peepli Live

Peepli Live wallpapers

The release date of Peepli Live is 13 August 2010

Peepli Live photos

Peepli Live User Comments Reviews

Santosh: Pipli Live is a real drama for a farmer who live in villege accross red line. pipli live would a overall very good film from a farmer's eyes for Indian Govt. who slept for this like matter

Gauri Shankar: i heard that this movie won award in south, it's really nice movie..

The release date of Peepli Live is 13 August 2010.


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