Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday Box Office: New Releases this Friday

Keeping our promise we hereby bring for you the list of new releases this Friday.

Rivaaz Story PlotFamily-based Prostitution in which exists in many districts. But unfortunately Our Law and Order System does not consider this as a major issue. The system which started as a community tradition (Rivaaz) now operating as a money-making trade within the knowledge of the lawmakers and protectors. Rivaaz is a film against exploitation, a film about dignity, about hope of women who are traded in the name of tradition.

Even today, in our midst villages where every mother, sister and daughter are forced to engage in prostitution to help their menfolk live a life of luxury. Where there are no daughters, girls are purchased from poor starving villages of India, adopted and brought up to fend for the men. The pimps are none other than their own fathers and brothers.

Shocked! Watch Rivaaz. And see if you can take a step to make a difference

Rivaaz Photos Images

Jaana Pehchana Story Plot:  'Jaana Pehchana' is an emotional, sensitive romantic story with a unique flavor, delving deep into the nuances of the relationship between the two protagonists. It is about a successful entrepreneur who has not yet come to terms with his past...

Jaana Pehchana Photos Images

To know more about movies releasing this Friday please visit the movies section on our site. 

We would love to hear from you which movie you watched over the weekend & what are your comments about it.  Please do spare few mins and mention in the comments section below.
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