Friday, October 21, 2011

Agneepath: Agneepath 2011 Hrithik

Though the most awaited film of this year is going to release next year, the look is out already and has created madness.

We're talking about Dharma Production's upcoming film, Agneepath. Karan Johar announced that the release date for the remake of Dharma’s cult film, Agneepath, would be a couple of days after Duggu's birthday, on 13th January 2012.

Though fans were a little disappointed with the delay in release, Karan being Karan, knew how to bring the glory back. A few minutes after tweeting the release date, Karan tweeted a link that was to reveal Hrithik's first look in Agneepath, humbly asking for a feedback on the same.

Hrithik’s look in Agneepath 2011 made jaws drop all over the world. His look inspired men and wooed women all over the world.

Hrithik had to completely change his workout routine and work extremely hard to get that shape which is now called as god made.

To find out what was Agneepath Hrithik's diet and fitness secret to achieve that kind of physique for Agneepath 2 please click here:


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