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Chaurahen Movie Review

'Chaurahen' Movie Review:  Chaurahen - Crossroads is one new experiment, which deals with three separate relationships that are intertwined through love, loss, light drizzles and destiny.

The four stories, originally written by Nirmal Varma, come together in a mysterious melange of pain, longing and tentative redemption in "Chaurahen". In her other film  "Aisha", director Rajshree Ojha gave us no clue of her affinity to such an intimate contact with the deepest recesses of the human heart. "Aisha" ended up being as  shallow as its Jane Austin-derived protagonist.

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Dare we say the characters in "Chaurahen" are as thought-provoking as the writer-director's vision of a life in the metros? Under the bustling soundtrack (from  Rabindra Sangeet to Carnatic sangeet), there's an all-pervasive stillness at the core of the stories that crisscross so effortlessly in "Chaurahen". The characters are  all living with ghosts, reluctant and afraid to let go of their past and live in the present.

Each of the four stories is steeped in nostalgia, pain and a final redemption (the airport finale feels fake).

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Chaurahen Buzz Rating:  4/5

Chaurahen Director:  Rajshree Ojha

Chaurahen Cast:  Soha Ali Khan, Ankur Khanna, Victor Banerjee, Kiera Chaplin, Roopa Ganguly, Zeenat Aman, Shayan Munshi, Karthik Kumar, Arundhati Nag

Chaurahen largly talks about people who are stuck at the crossroads in their life and are not able to decide which direction to take. Is there any such moment of your life when you were not able to take the decision and were stuck at the crossroads? Reply via comments.

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  1. Chaurahen Movie Review...It's a good combination both love, loss, light drizzles and destiny.And the characters are all living with ghosts.

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