Sunday, April 21, 2013

Animated Movie Chhota Bheem and The Throne of Bali Photos, Trailer

Post the success of first installment (Chhota Bheem and the Curse Of The Damyaan, released in 2012) the filmmakers are now come up with second installment of Chhota Bheem franchise titled 'The Throne of Bali' which will soon hit the big screen this summer.

Chhota Bheem and The Throne of Bali is an animated children's film, which is produced and directed by Rajiv Chilaka, founder and MD of Hyderabad-based Green Gold Animation.

The film is based on the popular Indian animated TV series 'Chhota Bheem'.

The film stars Bheem, Arjun, Chutki, Indumati, Raju, Rangda (from TV Series) in leading roles. Which is your favorite animated character?

The story of movie revolves around nine-year-old boy named Chhota Bheem & his friends who fight the most powerful villain they have ever faced.

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The music of the film is composed by Sunil Kaushik.

Kid's famous cartoon 'Chhota Bheem' & 'Chutki' in a still from Chhota Bheem and The Throne of Bali.

Check out Chhota Bheem and The Throne of Bali trailer launch photos....

Kids during the trailer launch of the movie.

Hope! In this summer vacation all kids are eagerly waiting for the movie to release to watch their favorite cartoon Chhota Bheem on big screen.

Do you think that Chhota Bheem is a fun treat for kids. Thoughts please...

Watch exclusive Chhota Bheen and The Throne of Bali trailer filled with lot of fun gags, amazing visuals and soothing music...

Chhota Bheem and The Throne of Bali release date: The movie will release in 400 screens across the globe on 3rd May, 2013. Will you watch this movie?

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