Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kissan synopsis, release date 28 August ....

Kissan, directed by Puneet Sira and Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Sohail Khan (Salman Khan's elder brother), is a sweeping, melodramatic saga of a proud father, and his two sons in the backdrop of the lush green agricultural lands of modern day Punjab. Star cast of Kissan includes Jackie Shroff, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Dia Mirza and others.

Kissan will be released this friday. Hmm the release date of Kissan is 28th August 2009.

Kissan Synopsis: Kisaan Dayal Singh (Jackie Shroff) is a widower who is immersed in the legacy of his ancestral lands and his two sons-Aman (Arbaaz Khan) and Jigar (Sohail Khan).

Though brothers, both have different outlook on life. Aman is formally schooled to become a city based lawyer while Jigar through lack of funds and his inclination for farming is kept by his father's side. When Sohan Seth (Dalip Tahil), a shrewd businessman, convinces many beleaguered farmers to sell their lands for his commercial interests by using violent tactics of the village's heavy hand, Nirmal (Romeo), it shatters the harmony of the village, and the Dayal family is jeopardized. Dayal Singh and his sons are locked into a battle of right; where each is focused on their path to success.

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Check Kissan show times on our site and read Kissan reviews but first let it release on 28th August. Saw the promos of Kissan. Jackie Shroff was looking good and that role suits Him because that character is as per His age.

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  1. why do they keep on making movies i dont understand ! they once again are going to waste a nice rural subject!