Monday, August 17, 2009

Ram Gopal Varma's Agyaat

Agyaat has been Produced and Directed by Ram Gopal Varma RGV. Agyaat, drama, suspense and thriller genre movie was released on 7th August 09 in theatres Worldwide.The star cast of Agyaat includes Nisha Kothar, Nitin Reddy, Gautam Rode, Harvey Rosemeyer, and others.

Agyaat Synopsis: Agyaat is a horror movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The story starts when a film unit goes to deep forest for a film shoot. They settle at a place with bare minimal facilities run by a strange and quirky man called Setu. Sharman is the guy who is playing the role of hero. He is a completely self obsessed man with no other concern except for his muscles and the leading lady. The leading lady Aasha bears with him because of his star status. Director JJ thinks of himself as Indias answer to Steven Spielberg and Producer Moorty thinks the director is screwing up the film and stopping him from becoming the next Yash Chopra. Laxman is a completely subservient spot boy but with a hidden monstrous ego.

Cinematographer Shakky is very philosophical in nature and Action Director Rakka is a frustrated man who hates the leading actor, Sharman. Script Supervisor Sameera is a simpleton with ideals and a secret crush on the protagonist Sujal who is an Assistant Director, who in turn, has a huge crush on Aasha. It all begins when the camera conks off and they have to wait for two days for the replacement to arrive. As they have no means for entertainment or communication, when Setu suggests a camping trip into the forest, they jump at the opportunity. As Setu drives them through the jungle around undergrowth in a relic Jonga, they begin to wonder how Setu can remember the way back as the jungle looks the same all around. As they settle near a pond for the night and sit around a bonfire, Setu hears a strange sound.

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Agyaat Reviews: Ram Gopal Varma's experience and hard work clearly reflects in Agyaat. Its a suspense movie so won't disclose its suspence by writing too much.

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