Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pune Goes Gaga Over CROOK Emraan Hashmi !!!

Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s Vishesh Films, a banner known vividly for its out of ordinary films and chartbuster music, is back with a bang after successful ventures with films like Jannat & Raaz The Mystery Continues.

Their films always had an issue to address but in a typical Bollywood Style. This time it is the issue of Racial Discrimination with the Indians abroad and especially highlighting the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. The film Crook stars Emraan Hashmi and known for giving way to the newcomers in the industry, this time too, Vishesh Films is giving break to a new girl Neha Sharma in this film. The film also casts ‘Fashion’ Boy Arjan Bajwa. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film has all the elements to make it a masses’ film- Romance, Comedy, Action, Thrill and of course an issue, which sums it all. The Music of Crook is on Sony Music and has been scored by Music maestro Pritam, whose association with the ‘Bhatts’ has been very fruitful lately with hit albums like Jannat and Tum Mile.

Pune went crazy when the cast of Vishesh Films’ Crook: It's Good To Be Bad paid them a visit at SGS Mall today i.e. on 25th Sep, 2010.

Vishesh Films' Crook Actors Neha Sharma Guest And Emraan Hashmi In Pune

Well if we say that it was a good turnout of the crowd then it would be an understatement. More than 15000 people turned up to get a glimpse of actor Emraan Hashmi who's name they kept screaming. Emraan was overwhelmed with the response of the crowd.

On public demand the actor danced on Challa India the popular song of the movie. Everyone was surprised because this is the first time Emraan danced publicly and that is too with fans.

Vishesh Films' Crook Actor Emraan Hashmi With A Fan In SGS Mall Pune

He also kissed his co-star Neha Sharma. Don't jump off your chairs please; he just gave a peck on her hand.

Vishesh Films' Crook Actors Neha Sharma And Emraan Hashmi In Pune

So while the cast of Crook is left with good memories, Pune is still going gaga over Emraan Hashmi. Crook is releasing in India on 8th Oct, 2010.

Crook Movie Actors Neha Sharma And Emraan Hashmi In Pune


Mahesh Bhatt

“CROOK- ‘It’s good to be bad’ both entertains and enlightens the viewer. It takes an unflinching look at the burning issue of racism which has devastated the life of thousands of young Indians, who go to Australia in search of a better life putting not only all their money but even their lives at stake. The film also locks horns with our own inner demons.”

Mukesh Bhatt

“Seldom in life do you have the good fortune to hold your head high with pride after watching the first cut of one’s own movie. Crook is one such film from our production house which makes one proud. The film manages to do what most films aspire to do but seldom succeed. Mohit Suri has shown the complex truth of Racism in Australia in a very entertaining way.”

Mohit Suri

“Ever since pre-independence, Indians have always felt racially discriminated by the so-called “superior white race”, wherever they lived in the world, even in our own country. However, this has never affected the illegal immigration of our youth into foreign countries. UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and now Australia are just some of the aspirational destinations for our youth, who are unable to face poverty and unemployment in their own country and are lured by the promise of a comfortable lifestyle in these developed countries.

As the news flashed ‘over 20 incidents of curry bashing have taken place in Sydney and Melbourne in the past 30 days’, I found myself standing outside a 24-hour convenient store in the Sunshine District of Melbourne city in search of a story. Inside the very same store one of the most brutal racist attacks had taken place just a few months back. The events as told to me were horrifying, about how an Indian was brutally beaten up only because of his color and religion. Outraged and humiliated I felt the need to voice this as a filmmaker. However, as I left the store my eyes fell upon an advertisement on the store window, which said “accommodation available for Indian students - for Gujrati boys only”.
That advertisement ignited the germ of “Crook”. It made me realize that racism and all other social evils are a part of every human heart, irrespective of his class, creed, color or sex. Good and bad, god and evil lie within us. It’s our choice to decide is it good to be bad in today’s world or does it pay to be good?”

Emraan Hashmi

“Strong characters may carry a weak plot, but weak characters cannot be hidden by strong plot. My character in Crook is one of the best characters we have created in recent times. I am sure my character in Crook will reach into the collective heart and pluck the heartstrings of people of every generation.”

Neha Sharma

“I am very happy to make my debut with CROOK. I extend my deepest gratitude to Mukesh Ji and Mahesh Ji, who believed in me and gave me this wonderful opportunity. I liked playing Suhani, my character in the film, as she is very close to the real Neha. It was sheer pleasure working with Mohit as he is a wonderful story teller and ofcourse Emraan Hashmi, who has been such a great co-star.

Arjan Bajwa

“Crook is a very bold attempt on showing the plight and the situation of victims and catalyst in racist situations, well crafted and knitted by the ace director Mohit Suri. I feel honored to have worked with Bhatt Sahab and Mukesh Ji. What I play in the film is a very hot headed aggressive Indian guy living abroad with multiple personalities. It will be quiet a shocker and surprisingly different from what people saw me in Fashion.”


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