Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bollywood Celeb Look Alike - But Something Is Missing!

They aren’t twins but they look alike…  

Talk of mirror images in not just Bollywood but even Hollywood!  

 The resemblance may be there but is it being enhanced further?  

Or is it an effort by these Bollywood celeb look alike to cash in on the glamour quotient by looking “like” a successful star?

We bring you the Bollywood look-alike carousel…

Harman Baweja is a pale imitation of hunky dude Hritik Roshan with his hot body, chiselled looks and awesome talent. Even the faint resemblance hasn’t worked for Harman career wise!

Who doesn’t want to look like the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai! Look-alike Sneha Ullal’s resemblance to Ash sadly ends with the light eyes and fair skin! Sneha lacks Ash’s charisma and mystique…

Nikhil Dwiwedi looks like Shah Rukh Khan at a glance: hairdo, dimples and body language. But the SRK magic is missing!

Sonakshi Sinha has an uncanny resemblance to yesteryear heroine Reena Roy. Coincidentally rumours linked Reena Roy with papa Shatrughan Sinha!

Divya Bharti earned herself the tag of “poor man’s Sridevi” – and rightly so! But her untimely death left Divya's fans craving for more.

At a first glance Zarine Khan can be mistaken for pretty Katrina Kaif. The resemblance may have opened doors for Pathan girl Zarine Khan in Bollywood, but her (lack of?) talent did little for her career graph!

Perky Anushka Sharma can easily be mistaken for singer Nazia Hassan of Aap jaisa koi fame…wondering can Anushka sing like Nazia!

Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi had a strong resemblance to each other.

Sonu Sood has shades of Amitabh Bachchan looks wise, that’s where the resemblance ends! No matter what hot bod "Cheddi Singh" is definitely leaving his foot prints on Bollywood and South Indian film industries.

Starlet Needhi Gill could well pass off as the Bengal tigress Bipasha Basu!

Model Gunjan Bakshi has a strong resemblance to bomb shell Priyanka Chopra.

Some believe Chitrangada Singh has a very close resemblance with Late Smita Patil.

What do you think - Did we miss out any Bollywood celebrity look alike? Which look-a-like resembles the most their Bollywood celebrity counter part? Looks are just not enough to carve a niche for yourself in Bollywood,  isn't it? One needs to be extremely talented as well.

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