Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Catty Twitter Fights of Bollywood - When Celebrities Stooped to All Time Lows!

Twitter is supposed to be a social platform, but trust Bollywood blokes to turn it into a battle ground! We bring you the juiciest cat-fights and star-bashing to chew on…

This one ain’t funny! Kamaal R Khan posted snide comments about comedian Kapil Sharma being launched in a Yash Raj film which the latter took objection to!

Kamaal had posted, "When YRF asked @NargisFakhri to do film with @KapilSharmaK9 She was laughing loudly n said sorry I don't have dates." he did not stop here rather went on, "SMS of Nargis- I was shocked to hear offer of YRF to do film with comedian Kapil Sharma. I think they forgot tat I was launched with Ranbir."

"dnt knw who is this @kamaal khan...Par bahaut jaldi iska munh aur ghar tootne wala hai :) cnt help it :) punjabi lood :)

By this time the war of words had already started & KRK replied, "Kapil Bhai I was really scared. Believe Me bhai I am shivering till now. Utni Piya Kar jitni control Kar sakta hai. "

I never ever attack anybody. But yes I always defend myself. Krishna Ji said ki Zulm karna Bhi Gunah Hai n Zulm Sahna Bhi.

If somebody attacks me n threaten me 2break my teeth n house then how do you ppl expect me to keep quiet? I am not here to become a victim.

It went down to personal bashing and verbal duels, and finally KRK got “Babaji ka thullu!”

K Jo and Ram Gopal Verma got into a sarcastic duel poking fun at each other’s choice of film titles, targeting his 2012 release Student of The Year. "If someone takes off from Karan johar's Student of the year and makes Teacher of the year it will become the Disaster of the year," RGV posted.

K Jo had the next word: "@RGVzoomin ....Disaster of the year is your territory one can ever replace the comfortable place you have made for yourself there."

RGV quickly responded, "@karanjohar hey karan my tweet was in a series I put on teachers day nd that tweet was about some1 taking off from u meaning it a compliment."

Earlier too RGV had commented about Karan Johar's movies like - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and his strong desire to make "My Name is Raavan."

Take the cat fight between Sonam Kapoor and Suchitra Krishnamurthy. The latter referred to Gul Panag as a “cleavage flasher”  - “Kirron Kher win over Gul Panag. India needs strong women & mothers not cleavage flashers.”

To which Sonam reacted - “I cannot believe a woman tweeted that. It’s disgusting. Women are the biggest enemies of women.”

Suchitra cattily retorted “if you ever aspire to political office remember to put your clothes back on!”

Later Suchitra Tweeted: “ok now I’ve had it with that last tweet-2 late 2 take it back. Not a personal attack on Gul but a general obsrvatn on political demeanor. my apologies to @GulPanag – but i stand by my statement that a young woman seen in a sexual context will not be taken seriously otherwise (sic).”

Hot-blooded Khans (SRK and Salman Khan) took a fan’s Twitter comment to another level! The fan had commented on Salman’s market value being down since he had hosted a reality show. Shah Rukh Khan used this to fan the fire and his personal animosity with Salman…

Tweets about Kingfisher Airlines between Ayesha Takia and Siddharth Mallya really “took off!”

"Kingfisher staff Vinay Podwal just threatened and yelled at my sister saying he can throw anyone out and TORE her boarding pass! This disgustingly behaved Kingfisher staff called Vinay podwal just tore my sister's boarding pass and misbehaved with her. How can this happen? How dare this Vinay Podwal misbehave with a passenger and tear her boarding pass? It could be any one of u think about it (sic)," Ayesha Tweeted

The Mallaya heir was unaware of the star’s status and his comments crash-landed Ayesha.

"Been getting tweets about Ayesha Takia & KFA. Not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts?? But it seems something has upset her," Sidhartha Mallya tweeted.

"Don't know why Ayesha Takia is tweeting so much when she wasn't even present. There are always two sides to a story. Pipe down love," he went on.

The fight went on when later on Mallya Junior Tweeted, ""Wow, lots of tweets this am! Didn't anyone sleep?! not gonna comment on this topic anymore bored. sorry to disappoint haha!!"

Later Papa Vijay Mallya stepped in & assured the lady of looking into the matter himself.

Sonam saw red when Shobha De said she “lacked oomph” in her recent film, "I Hate Luv Storys" (2010). The author did a blog post title "I Hate Dumb Storys……" -  What an absolute waste casting Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor in this utterly dull, total dud of a movie which is more a wonky tribute to Karan Johar’s earlier films, songs and screen pairings.

Sonam Kapoor: "RT @punitdmalhotra: Guys pls don't take Shobha De seriuosly. She's a fossil who's getting no action and going through menopause. So just for her..."

The firebrand went on to tweet about the senior columnist / author taking digs at her menopausal status and calling her a fossil!

But later on Sonam Kapoor had to apologise when De commented on her "good breeding" and "decent upbringing".

Social Networking site, Twitter is a pretty interesting space but one needs to stay in his / her limits and should be prepared to take criticism sportingly.

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