Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha promote Rowdy Rathore in Mumbai

"Rowdy Rathore" will be Akshay Kumar's comeback film into the realm of action and he feels that this might be the perfect opportunity.

Rowdy Rathore star cast - Prabhu Deva, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar

"I think this is the perfect comeback. What is better than the guy who wanted such a good action film, is not directing 'Rowdy Rathore'. Prabhu has action and more action. His mind is full of action and he choreographs action," he said Saturday, referring to the film's director Prabhu Deva.

Akshay Kumar promote Rowdy Rathore

Both Akshay Kumar and his co-star Sonakshi Sinha said that they would love to ride auto- rickshaws on the streets of Mumbai. 

Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha in Rowdy Rathore

At a promotional event, the Rowdy Rathore stars were made to travel in a vehicle next to an auto rickshaw race organised by the team. 

Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar promote upcoming movie Rowdy Rathore

"I was asked to stand in the jeep. Whatever has been told to me I will do. When I was sitting in the jeep I said many times that give me also the auto rickshaw to ride. Maybe the reason was that I don't even have a license to drive an auto. You have to follow the rules,"  Akshay Kumar told reporters.

Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore

Talking about the stress "Rowdy Rathore" has put on him, Akshay Kumar optimistically said: "Every actor is worried about his film. A little stress is always there. But if it doesn't work, the next film will come."

Dressed in a purple top and shocking pink jeans, Akshay looked more rowdy than ever. 

Akshay Kumar in & as Rowdy Rathore

"It's not only pink but yellow, red all are Rowdy. When I got these clothes for the first time, I was shocked but then I got used to it. A lot of people like to wear such clothes. This is just a character and I would love to play it," he said. 

Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore

Talking about his "Dabangg" co-star, Akshay was full of praise for Sonakshi. 

Sonakshi Sinha in Rowdy Rathore

"Sonakshi is a very simple girl, she works and goes home. She comes on time and goes home. She is very professional. She has never bullied or played pranks on people," he added.

Note: The release date of Rowdy Rathore is June 1, 2012.

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Courtesy: IANS


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