Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chitrangada Singh shares shaving tips | Gillette You Shave, I Shave Event

From time immemorial B-Town celebs have been endorsing various brands. This time Dabangg director Arbaaz Khan joined Tinsel town beauties Chitrangada Singh and Neha Dhupia for promoting the Gillette Fusion, ‘You Shave, I Shave’ movement and attempted a Guinness record for "World's Largest Shaving Lesson"  

Arbaaz Khan kick started the event by shaving his stubble! 
Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan with actresses Neha Dhupia and Chitrangada Singh at Gillette shave event in Mumbai.

More than 150 couples gathered to break the world shaving record & to learn new shaving tips.
We all know stars can go to any extent to promote the brands they endorse so Neha Dhupia shaved her legs publicly. You approve of this?
Thankfully Chitrangada Singh didn't join Neha but expressed her views about clean men especially how she likes Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan clean.
Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh addressing the audience @Gillette shave event in Mumbai. 
Who looked the hottest Chitrangada Singh or Neha Dhupia?


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