Friday, May 11, 2012

Photos of Love Recipe Movie Music Launch, Mumbai

Love Recipe is a fresh comic caper filled with vibrant characters led by the pair of Rahul and Tia. Rahul a DJ by profession is of the opinion that Hindustaniyat is not about clothes or language and that it has to come straight from the heart. 

But fortune provides an opportunity to Rahul to prove his patriotic zeal to his prospective father-in-law when a news telecast announces that the severed head that has been missing belongs to none other than Carlos Randall.  

Situations lead to an interesting climax and Rahul becomes responsible for causing the arrest of the dreaded terrorist. 

Sharing with you few pics of celebrities at the Love Recipe movie music launch in Mumbai

Love Recipe lead pair at the music launch in Mumbai

  Rani Agarwal and Suhail Karim at Love Recipe movie music launch.

 Love Recipe star cast at the music launch

Love Recipe lead pair Rani Agarwal and Suhail Karim walk the ramp at their movie music launch in Mumbai. Will this new pair be a HIT jodi?

Atul Parchure & German actress Suzanne Bernert at Love Recipe music launch.

  This is what  Suzanne Bernert Tweeted yesterday:

Do listen Love Recipe music and comment below whether you liked or disliked the Love Recipe music.

Pic courtesy: IANS

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