Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jannat 2 Movie Review | Emraan Hashmi Esha Gupta

Everyone knows that Jannat 2 is based on ‘arms trafficking’ but film’s opening credits reveal that you can trade guns for a cause, which according to our hero Sonu Dilli is - if everyone in the world owns a gun, everyone will be equal and the world will be a happy place!

There begins Jannat 2, another Vishesh Film’s prototype that’s engaging in a few parts but predictable in many. Jannat 2 is the sequel to Jannat (2008) with precisely no similarities with the prequel except the director and the leading man, but is that logic good enough to market a film as a sequel or just a way to cash upon prequel’s success. But was Jannat a hit?

The story of Jannat 2 bears traces of Nicolas Cage’s Lord of War, but is totally desi, as it’s based in Delhi with characters influenced by jaats.  

Musically, Pritam’s songs are already topping charts. Background score is impressive. The dialogue-baazi is crude but goes with the theme of the film.

Jannat 2 is an average story, remarkable performance and a super hot heroine, you can watch Jannat 2! Else, wait for the DVD!

Read complete Jannat 2 movie review here.

What's your opinion about Jannat 2 - Will it raise eye-brows? OR Will it be lapped up by curious audiences? Mention via@comments.

Before leaving would like to know your thoughts about the many stars you would give to Emraan Hashmi's Jannat 2? Does Jannat 2 live up to your expectations?

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  1. Well Kunal Deshmukh (director) we expected if not better, a movie of the same level as Jannat. But you fall too short. So short that we start feeling bored after interval as story refuses to move forward. I presumed that the movie would be loosely based on Nicolas Cage’s “Lord of War,” (a must watch) however the story in Jannat 2 is too underdeveloped to be made into a good movie.
    Jannat 1 was a class apart movie with a very strong script/ plot/ direction and off course songs. Jannat 1 showed the rise of a regular guy to maddening heights of Betting world with believable logic. Jannat 2 opens up well and we expect the hero to grow in a similar fashion but in “Illegal Arms Trade.” However, he gets confined to Delhi only as the movie becomes more of a cat-mouse game between police & mafia.
    The surprise package in Jannat 2 is Randeep Hooda. He has done a really great job and is the other hero of the movie with almost same screen time. Esha Gupta is sweet but too model like.Emraan Hashmi is now almost repetitive with his performance but likable. The movie uses expletives freely like never before to throw in realism and not everybody is going to enjoy it.

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  3. Emran Hashmi is great and awsome actor after amitabh bachan and risshi kapoor.emran is better than salman shahrukh and amir khan.becauz salman shahrukh and amir khan are stupids

  4. Thanks for Sharing........Movie are amazing...nice story...see Jannat 2 movie online