Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Revealing Facts You Need to Know About Aamir Khan's PK

Is reading something lesser known about your favourite stars and their upcoming films always on your mind? What are you waiting for then? Read on to check out some really fascinating facts about Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan's forthcoming flick, PK!

1. The upcoming drama, which is all set to hit the 70 MM screens on 19th December 2014, was initially supposed to release on 6th June this year. However, reason for the change in the film's release date is simple – Aamir Khan's earlier Christmas releases (3 Idiots, Ghajini and Dhoom 3) were box-office blockbusters and set records as well as the cash resisters ringing at the ticket-windows. So, the makers of PK wanted to lock the Christmas 2014 date to release their film for obvious reasons.

2. Aamir Khan's character is apparently an alien in the film, and dons 12 different avatars. He speaks Bhojpuri in PK. For that, the perfectionist trained for two years under the noted TV writer, Shanti Bhushan.

3. Since he speaks Bhojpuri and had to adopt certain characteristics for his role in PK, Aamir Khan used to eat about 12-15 paans before beginning the shoot. In order to get the blood red lips, he is said to have had about 1000 paans during the shoot of the film.

4. The film's very first poster, which has a completely nude Aamir with just a strategically placed transistor, was actually shot two years ago! This happened even before the shooting of his 2013 super successful project, Dhoom 3.

5. Filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani wanted a special step for one of the songs in his movie. For this, the film's leading lady, Anushka Sharma, and Aamir's wife Kiran Rao, tried to help the director and suggested him some steps. But Hirani wasn't pleased. Finally, he took the responsibility on his shoulders and invented the signature step himself for the number.

6. During the process of the film's making, it was realised that Hirani's film had stark resemblance with Umesh Shukla's OMG – Oh My God, and that Aamir's character was like that of Paresh Rawal from the satirical comedy-drama. Thus, in a chase to avoid any similarities between the two movies, the makers rewrote and reshot some portions of PK.

7. Aamir Khan, who plays an alien who looks like humans and pretends to be like them, has worn all used clothes in PK movie. This, to make his character appear more realistic. Hirani and Khan opted out of having designer outfits for the latter's character. Rather, they asked their dress designers to go out on the roads and ask common people to lend their clothes for the film.

8. You may be waiting for Aamir Khan's first son, Junaid's Bollywood debut as an actor, but the young lad seems to be just too happy behind the cameras – for now at least. He worked as an assistant director in PK.

9. As compared to Aamir khan's last screen-outing, Dhoom 3, which was made on a huge budget of Rs. 125 crore, PK is unbelievably a low budget film. It was made on a budget of Rs. 85 crore, and the amount has already been recovered by selling its broadcasting rights to UTV Motion Pictures.

10. How can we forget the sensational transistor Aamir Khan was spotted with in the very first infamous nude poster of PK and would be seen carrying in most of the movie hopefully? Actress Anushka Sharma has requested Aamir and Producer-Director Raju Hirani to keep it as a memento while an online auction website has offered  whopping Rs 1.5 Crores for this transistor bought from Chor Bazaar for mere Rs. 227. That's brand Aamir for you...would you too like to bid for it, if it goes for auction?

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