Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spotted Bollywood Actresses Without Make Up - Natural Beauty or Shocking You Decide!

Bollywood is all about image! Perfect make up and windswept hairdos define the image of Bollywood actresses. Right? :)

Ever wondered what these reel life celebrities look like in real life without their make up?



Image Courtesy -lifestyle.in.msn.com

We bring you the stars without the greasepaint, with their nude look… Some have bags under their eyes and bad skin, while others look tired and jaded…
Then there are some who are true “natural” beauties…

Deepika Padukone looks svelte, sexy and hot on screen. But when she goes make-up free she doesn’t even qualify as Plain Jane with her straggly hair, dark lips and sallow skin!


Image Courtesy - i43.tinypic.com

One of the most natural artistes, Katrina Kaif is blessed with good skin. So she doesn’t overdo the make up on screen and pretty much looks like herself when she wipes the greasepaint off!


Image Courtesy - bollywoodmastactress.blogspot.in

Youth icon, fashionista and the immaculate Sonam Kapoor looks grotesque without the “face” she painstakingly puts on for the camera!


Image Courtesy - www.beautytipsmart.com

Kareena is naturally beautiful with her alabaster skin and chiselled face. She’s good looking without make up but with the war paint on she looks like a million bucks!


Image Courtesy - quoteko.com and stylesatlife.com

Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra may be the last word in oomph and glamour on screen, but  sans make up you could even call her the ugly duckling! Her swollen  lips, plump nose and on-the-face mop of hair don’t do much for her!


Image Courtesy - worldfilmyupdate.blogspot.in

Malaika Arora definitely sizzles and looks smoking hot on screen! Wipe off the pancake make up, the mascara, cheek-defining blush and luscious lipstick and you have just an ordinary girl-next-door!


Image Courtesy - ratemovieshere.com

Ash is undoubtedly gorgeous! But without make up Aishwarya Rai's skin looks greasy and without styling, her hair looks limp. Hard to believe?


Image Courtesy - chitramala.in

Rani Mukherjee without her make up could pass off as any ordinary Bengali housewife on her way to buy fish! Make up and styling magically transforms her dusky, sallow skin and unkempt hair into the stunning, glowing Rani we see on screen!


Image Courtesy -wordpress.com and mtv.in.com

Huma Quereshi looks way below average without her make up! With her blemished, oily skin and dark circles it’s hard to believe she’s a movie star!


Image Courtesy -lifestyle.in.msn.com

You would definitely miss noticing Nargis Fakhri in a crowd, if she didn’t have her make up on! The luscious lips, wavy tresses, sultry eyes and radiant skin all seem to come out of the make up box!

Image Courtesy -lifestyle.in.msn.com

Which Bollywood actress looks picture perfect even without make up?
Katrina Kaif
Kareena Kapoor

Do tell us your views & opinions in the comments section below.


  1. That was one jobless and a really shameful article that you just put up.. How on earth can you remark about someone's beauty?! They are wonderful actors and the way you have over exaggerated and criticised is utter nonsense!! For your kind information every girl looks like that! Just plain! And so sorry break this to you.. You can't match to any of the standards of those women.

  2. Cruel and hurtful. This could have been a wonderful teaching moment for young girls but instead you only sought to shame...sad

  3. It was really disheartening to read your callous remarks regarding these beautiful women. No one is perfect ALL the time and to tear them down for being human is not only distasteful but it is just plain mean. Bollywood comes with enough pressure without adding these insensitive remarks from a journalist too gutless to even add their name to the article.

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