Monday, December 8, 2014

Do You Know These Captivating Facts About Bollywood Tragedy King Dilip Kumar?

As the superstar, also known as Tragedy King, turns 92 this year, we give you some lesser known facts about Dilip Kumar! Read on...

1. Dilip Kumar was the first ever Pakistani who achieved super stardom in the world of Hindi cinema.

2. Dilip Kumar was the very first actor to be awarded with the Filmfare Best Actor trophy in 1954. The brilliant performer has won 8 Filmfare awards under the same category

3. When Dilip was at the peak of his career, he would charge anything between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 11 lakh per project.

4. Dilip's real name is Muhammad Yusuf Khan. While choosing a screen-name for himself, he
had two options in his mind – Uday Kumar and Vaaman Kumar. But it was Devika Rani, acknowledged as the first lady of Indian cinema, who suggested the name Dilip Kumar to him, and the actor instantly liked it.

5. Dilip Kumar became the Tragedy King, owing to the dejected charterers he played in several films. As a serious after effect of this, the actor began experiencing depression in his real life too. It was on a psychiatrist's recommendation that the actor took up some comedies to come out of that phase.

6. Yesteryear actress, Kamini Kaushal, was Dilip Kumar's first love. She came into his life even before Madhubala. The two wanted to get married, but Kamini's brother was against their relationship. Also, Kamini was already married to her deceased sister's husband only for the sake of looking after his child.

7. Once when a filmmaker approached him for a film opposite Saira Banu, the fine actor refused to romance her onscreen, as he believed that she looked too young to play his leading lady. Saira was all of 22 when she got married to a 44-year-old Dilip, in 1966.

8. Much before Saira Banu came into his life, Kumar had been in a romantic relationship with the yesteryear diva, Madhubala. But owing to a clash and opposition from the actress' family, the two had to finally part ways.

9. While he was still married to Saira Banu, Dilip Kumar even went on to marry a second time, to a Hyderabadi girl, Asma, in 1980. The two, however, called the marriage off after a couple of years.

10. Dilip Kumar is an unbeatable champ at the game of Antakshari. He is also an expert trumpet player.

Happy Birthday Dilip Kumar ji!!!!

Do you think we missed anything about Dilip Kumar or want to post your wishes for the legendary Bollywood actor head on to the comments below.

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